2022 at a glance

As a dance studio and production company in Uyo, the year 2022 has been amazing, we are grateful to you who have been with us at different parts of the year. We had our Love in the air offer, and the Orange September offer for all who attend our dance classes.

We also had two Sparkle dance and arts holiday boot camps for kids and teens, one in April and another in August, making 5 weeks of intensive dancing for your young ones and a total of 53 kids. We totally appreciate the parents who trusted us with molding and sharing with their kids. It was fun and we must admit we had a very interesting bunch this year and we look forward to hosting them and more in 2023.

In light of all the amazing parents we get to deal with, we have set up a Sparkle parents hub on Whatsapp and in the coming year, we will also host programs for parents of gifted kids and kids interested in the arts. For more information on our dance classes for kids and adults, please click here.

We can not forget the Show cases, dance performances and command events we have had for some of you and your events. We were at the Uyo film festival, ObongAwan Mariatherese’s 50th birthday, the Christmas parties of the schools we coach at and lots more. We hope to do more for you with dance and our experience in events and project management. Do not hesitate to call us when you need a hand.

We hosted the 5th Dance Ville international dance conference DaViDCon, with the theme, NIGERIAN DANCE DOCUMENTATION: Research, record & circulate. This online version of our conference was supported by Goethe Institute, Guild of Nigerian Dance Practitioners and the TATA Network. Our participants and panel were made up of very seasoned practitioners in Dance, arts and research. They included Prof. Imelda Udoh, Aduke Gomex, Victor Thompson, Mima Angulu, Bimbo Obafunwa, Segun Akiyemiju, Dr. Ifure Uford-Azobor and others. The panel was hosted by Edima Imara

As planned, the conference was aimed at starting the conversation on adequately documenting Nigerian dances with research on how to standardize  the process. On conclusion, participants indicated and disclosed personal projects they were inspired to look into post conference. Videos of the online conference can be found here

And finally, we rounded the year with the 3rd Edition of our Dance-A-Ganda Festival which was three days of fun. We had interactive dance sessions on day 1 and 2 and hosted the 3rd edition of the Dance Craft Challenge. We also premiered the show A FRIEND IN DEED on the third day. We would be launching the Dance-A-Ganda Channel on YouTube soon. Please follow @DanceAGandaFest on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. 

We say thank you for all your support. For every class you attended, every ticket you bought, every post you shared and every recommendation you made. We say thank you.

May you continually have  reasons to dance.

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