One individual registration covers one participant for the two days. On registering you will get access to the data links, conference links, Q & A sessions and a digital copy of the conference communiqué. You also get admitted into the closed Facebook group where we work out various documentation projects on a variety of Nigerian dance styles. The group and its activities open on the 1st of June 2022 for pre conference activities.


The center registrations is for organizations or communities that will like to gather and participate in the conference as a group. Although the registration gets two sign in’s, discussions from the centers will be included in the conference process Centers will also be listed on our website and PR materials.

The center gets two spots in the social groups for pre conference activities.


We invite community leaders and well meaning individuals and organizations to sponsor centers in their various localities and give cultural practitioners an opportunity to share and learn with the rest of the world. Your sponsorship covers the registration of  the center, the space and audio/visual equipment set up for the conference.

As a center sponsor, you can choose where you want your center set up, or ask Dance Ville to recommend a location for you.

50% of registrations and donations

will go to actual research and recording of a nigerian dance between september 2022 and april 2023. the process will adapt the processes and recomendations reaised at the conference and will be reported at the 2023 edition next year.
You can still donate to the conference/Research here >>
If you have any questions or challenges with regisering please call +2348152377467 or email

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