Dance Ville Int. Dance Conference 5: Coming this August 2022

After 4 previous editions of the Dance Ville International Dance Conference (DaVIDCon), we bring you the 5th edition. This years conference is addressing the theme NIGERIAN DANCE DOCUMENTATION; Research, record and circulate.

It is a known fact that certain dances of some countries have so much information on their technique and styling that they not only share the cultures of their dances but also provide jobs, communities and opportunities all over the world.

With our conference this year, we want to initiate an international discuss on documenting certain Nigerian dances and comparing the process and out come with circulated dances from Europe. Considering the large varieties of dances from Nigeria, we would use the Ekombi of Akwa Ibom and Cross River States as the Nigerian dance specimen and compare it with the documentation process of Ballet from Europe.

The out come of this conference is to initiate a system and/or process that will not only provide jobs and collaborative opportunities for Nigerian dance and cultural practitioners but will also push Nigeria cultural dances into the global scene and pop culture.

As an organization, we invite dance scholars and practitioners across the world, as well as cultural curators to join this discussion. Please follow @DanceVilleNg on all social media for continuous updates and participation.

The conference is proudly supported by the Goethe Institute, the Guild of Nigerian Dance Practitioners and the TATA (Talk about the Arts) network.

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