The Dance Ville Int. Dance Conference first held in 2013 with the purpose to stir needed discussions on various dance activities and practices. After 4 editions we believe it is time to start talking about modes for documenting and handing down Nigerian Dancing. With and organized and centralized form of sharing Nigerian dances, these dances will not suffer the fate of extinction and like other dances across the world provide more economical options in tourism and employment. Dances in Nigeria have been passed down like most of our folk tales and music, by word of mouth and in person. Thus hindering growth, spread and development of these dance forms and their practitioners. Our conference is to kickstart discussions in developing calligraphy for Nigerian movement​


The conference will hold virtually with recorded sessions. How ever, there will be viewing centers in communities that will want to partake as groups


Considering the large scope of a project like this, we at this stage use the conference as a platform to discuss options of approach in creating calligraphy for Nigerian dances. Using Ekombi as the Nigerian case study in these discussions. The conference is to investigate the process used to curate and document ballet (which is one of the dance styles with the most information and most widely performed/taught dances in the world.) and compare it with what is obtainable with Nigerian dances.


The time line for the conference is as follows:
Call for papers - March 15th 2022
Open call for registration - May 17th 2022
Announcement of speakers and panelist - May 24th 2022
Conference - 4th to 5th August 2022


Our conference will target scholars and practitioners of dance and cultural practices in Africa and Europe The information and content developed from the conference will be designed to interest young dancers and cultural practitioners between the ages of 18 - 35years old as they will adapt and circulate it further and faster. Information and data will be available on our website and social media as well as websites of future partners. We also will produce a journal from articles and a communiqué from the conference it self. ​


There are several ways to get involved or participate in the conference.
- You can submit articles for the conference journal
- Register as individual or a viewing center
- Promote your own dance product or activity at the conference
- Sponsor and individual or viewing center
- Donate to the project


Edima Imara

Edima Imara is the Creative Director of Dance Ville Entertainment, Chair of the Amethyst Dance Foundation and Initiator of the Dance Worka Project.


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