Sparkle Dance Boot Camp Returns this April 2022

For eight years, we have engaged kids and teens during the holidays with dance and various forms of other arts. The testimonies have been the same. Dance develops , physically and socially. 

This holiday we will hold our boot camp for kids between the ages of 4 to 12. The kids will be engaged in dance genres like Ballet, Salsa and AfroPop. The kids will, as usual, create art works for exhibition, take classes on public speaking and play popular board games like Monopoly, chess etc.

The boot camp details hold as follows:

Date: 4th – 15th April 2022

Time: 10am – 2pm (Monday-Friday)

Fee: N10,000

Sparkle Boot Camp requirements

Stretch band – for flexibility workout

Class attire

Kids should come in comfortable clothing, preferably joggers, shorts, leggings and t-shirts or singles. The clothes should not be too tight or too heavy. We strongly recommend against jeans.

On feet, kids should bring socks and canvas. (If they already have ballet slippers or actual dance shoes they can bring them in a bag or just come with socks)

Arts, craft and costume making

Materials needed include:

Old calendars, small bottle of bond glue, 2 yards of ankara material, 2 yards of net, 2 yards of elastic, 6 buttons, a pair of scissors, 2 small bottles of textile paint, white plain t-shirt, 2 yards of satin material (any colour except black or white).

Costume for showcase

For the show case, the kids are expected to come with:

Girls: Black Leggings, Black t-shirt, black socks, Blue jean trousers and canvas

Boys: Black trousers, Black t-shirt, Blue jean trousers, canvas and white long sleeve shirt.

Sparkle Boot Camp rules

Kids are expected to be dropped off at 10am and picked up at 2pm. This is important as there are other classes and we would need the space for other students. Also coming on time gives the kids the opportunity to maximise all that will be taught during the boot camp

Kids should be brought with lunch, or something they can eat during lunch break. They should also come with their cups or water bottles. We have a water dispenser for refills if needed.

Kids should not come with toys or games for the boot camp. We will provide the games needed.

This years showcase is scheduled for Saturday 16th April, at 4pm. Parents and family members are invited to watch the kids exhibit all they have learnt. Parents will be notified of any changes in schedule.

Parents can source the materials and items needed but can reach out to us to help out buy them if needed. 

To register kids for the boot camp, please pay N10,000 to

Acc. No.: 1019395499
Bank: UBA
Acc. Name: Dance Ville Entertainment

Send proof of payment through whatsApp to 08069061580 and request registration form.


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