Sparkle Dance for kids

Sparkle dance is our creative section for kids and teens. It is primarily a dance program, but we have included other forms of art as well. 
Sparkle has three activities, the weekly dance classes and club, the holiday programs and boot camps and the Sparkle dance contests that hold during the Dance-A-Ganda Festival. Follow Sparkle directly on FaceBook and Instagram @SparkleDanceKids for updates and more information.

We hold dance classes during the week for kids at our studio.
We currently have classes in Salsa, AfroPop and Ballet.

Our holiday programs hold daily in the mornings of weekdays and vary based on the holiday. This Easter, we have our boot camp coming up.

Competitions are and opportunity to drive healthy ambition in kids and reward outstanding developments. with our contest, we provide platforms for the kids to show all they have learnt.