Sparkle kid bootcamp 2022… Awesome!!!!

The holiday engagement started on the 4th of April 2022. The rehearsal weeks trialed the environment, giving the instructors and teacher the voice out of their lives ……hmmmmmm! It isn’t easy to control kids and to get them to pay attention to all your teachings. Then the teenagers, with their yanga. Well! that aside.


Finally, the grand finale arrived. The expectations of the 2 weeks + 5 days rehearsals finally turned out to be a success and  an award of time and energy to all the instructors, participants and guardians who were seated in the hall on the 23rd of April. I should term it this way, ‘’one of history’s best holiday reward for the kids/teens in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.


The showcase, with a grand and fun entering by the kids, kickstarted beautifully with an Afro-pop dance performance by the kids , in front of their guardians who aired the hall with surprised and excited facial expressions.


The junior ballet (5-11years), stylishly walking in with their beautiful costumes, gave their parents another beautiful surprise package of no crying and no form of phobia on the stage, dancing and recalling their  steps beautifully.


The salsa dancing moment, pulled in!  How should I carve this out right now, well! Let me start out with this, because the progress was rewarding and engaging…. Each kid walked in the Latin pose way, heads up, shoulders high. Each with a partner, starting off with the shoulders, waist and body wines movements….beginning with the in place step movement…..they also danced in couples and each couple ended their dance with beautiful poses.


Majestically walking to the stage like they were going to the podium for a public show. The five public speakers, dressed like the future world speakers, staged their public speaking with a moral ‘’ no matter what you want to achieve in life, always have the belief  that no matter the obstacle you’ll thrive’’. With bows, they earned the awe and applause from their guardians ; ‘’ I was amazed when i saw my daughter on stage speaking very well and with so much confidence. I was impressed. I love the exposure I have given to her” said one of the guardians.


The show ended , with a closing remark by one of the guardians and the Gov’nor of Dance Ville, Edima Imara.

Instructors this year were Prince (Salsa) Godwin, Able Ephraim, Kingsley (AfroKay) Nduonumoh. Also assisting were Idongesit Udoh and Idong Orok(i)


With excitement on the guardians faces, the fun didn’t end after the show…….it continued.

Click link here to watch the show case on YouTube. And follow @SparkleDanceKids on Instagram for pictures and class videos. 

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